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Don't Stop Texting Your Mate

A morning text does not simply mean “Good morning”. It really comes with the silent loving message, “I think of you when I wake up.”

The average person looks at his phone 46 times every day, according to

Texting has become an easy and necessary way of communicating.  You can even communicate with Emoji’s. It has become the #1 wave of communication and talking.

Since you are on your phones (can’t even leave home without it) take the time to text your mate. Texting can be used to your advantage when you are just starting in a relationship. It can also be used for flirting with your spouse to get something started. 

You can even send texts to encourage your family and kids throughout the day.

Still, you don’t want to use texting to end a relationship or to discuss important information. Try to meet face- to-face or at least make a telephone call.  Don’t let texting just become your to-do list like the one you make for your groceries.

Don’t let your texting lose its sweetness over the years. Don’t stop texting your mate! Don’t become stale, keep flirting, and keep the smile on their face. Here are a few texts to keep the spice going:

  • Of all the people in the world thanks for choosing me to do life with you.

  • Today’s been a rough day, but thinking of you makes it so much better. I love you.

  • I know I can be stubborn sometimes but thanks for your kindness even in difficult moments and being patient with me.

  • No matter how you feel about yourself today I know that you are awesome.

  • Just want you to know that I admire your ability to _____________ that is so important to our family.

  • I am grateful that you have helped me be a better person in this world, I will be forever grateful.

  • Thanks for hearing me out and listening to me!

  • It’s that time again for our date :) and alone time-Wear something sexy!

  • I know I don’t say it enough but thanks for helping me around the house. I really appreciate it.

  • Honey you continue to inspire me to be a better version of myself.

  • I’m glad we are on the same team! I will always be your #1 fan!

  • You have really helped me grow in this area of _________. Thank you!

  • You always put a smile on my face when I am thinking of you!

  • After all we have been through I will say “I do” again and again! I can’t imagine this life without you.

  • I like that “thing” you do when showing affection. You are good at it! Yes daddy! Seriously-WOW!

  • Every day I love you more and more.

  • We’ve weathered so many ups and downs in our life-thanks for hanging in there!

Just remember, let texting be a great way to write your love letter!

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