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This is My Story

Hi, I am Carolyn Little, and welcome to my website. I have been a teenage mom, married, divorced, remarried, an empty nester, and now a widow. What a circle of life! My hubby, lover, and best friend Thomas J. Little, Jr., received his wings on December 27, 2021. I thank God for the 40 plus years that he was in my life. He was truly a gentleman and a scholar.  We were married for 11 years, divorced for five years, and remarried for 20 years. Our restoration story was a true love story and helped many individuals to restore and stabilize their lives.
This next journey brings one of love, hope, peace, and strength for me to continue with the purpose that God has for my life.
God has blessed me to have more than 30 years of experience in restoration of marriage, family, and ministry as well as helping families work through overcoming addictions and having victory over things that can hold them captive.  


I have six beautiful adult successful children, six wonderful grandsons, two beautiful granddaughters, and three      amazing great-grandchildren.


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Considering all of that, I have soul-utions just for you!

I graduated from Vision University and have held leadership positions in churches and organizations that have helped individuals and families overcome life-controlling  problems. I am a Coach, Podcast Host, Mentor, Author, Instructor of several Lifestyle Courses, Inspiring Speaker and Symbis (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) Facilitator as well as a Symbis + for married couples Facilitator. 


Thank you for connecting with me on this next journey!

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