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Lifestyle Soulutions was  a pivotal  experience for my marriage. My spouse and I have had some communication issues and resentment in our relationship. The Little's helped us to get past those hurdles and gave us the roadmap to navigate through any challenges in the future. The curriculum kept our focus on covenant not on our issues. Our marriage is more fulfilling because of it.

Thank you Lifestyle Soulutions!


You all came from a biblical perspective and I absolutely love that. I 'm thankful for the prayers and the lessons you all offered...


I was introduced to the Little's by happenstance. I actually was not a believer in counseling until talking with them. I didn't realize I was in a bad place for years, causing chaos in my marriage.

They are two very kind and open individuals that aren't perfect. No one (or maybe just me) wanted to hear about the perfect marriage or this is what I would do cliche. They put the work on us as a couple. What you have to do first, or before you get into counseling is ask yourself "are you ready to be real and accept some ownership in your actions". They kept the scenarios cordial but real. I'll let them tell their story but it was a good life lesson for me. Us men sometime really need to dig deep and w/o getting too deep ask some Godly questions to ourselves.

I personally have been soul searching to myself after our sessions because in the end God needs to know that marriage is something HE ORDAINED, not a privilege for us to use as we deem fit.

If you are looking for some REAL HELP, and not scripture thrown at you or finger pointing, the Little's are the couple you should talk to. May God bless your union and give you peace.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones-Chicago IL

I can say without a doubt the counseling we received from you both has benefited us to this day and we hardly ever argue anymore. And when we do, we use what you taught us to deescalate the situation. We love you two and our marriage would have ended that year if it weren't for the counseling from you both.

The Austin's -Florida

Some of the most awesome qualities of lifestyle soulutions is their availability, transparency and versatility. Time and time again they have provided my entire family with simple soulutions founded in godly principles. Through their counsel I have been able to raise a solid family with young children to successful young adults. The most amazing counseling services!

G. Arias-Florida

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