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Overcoming Addictions: Who's Really In Charge?

Addiction: The continual repetition of a behavior, despite adverse consequences…

While there are many forms of addictions, the most prevalent are food, gambling, drugs, alcohol and sex.  Lifestyle Soul-utions can help you confront and overcome your addiction.  In dealing with addictions personally, is when I discovered that it was I who was really in charge, I was able to overcome it. Desires, peer pressure and mindset could not stop me.  We have all seen the devastation that addictions cause to our families, our health and even our lives, as they often come with consequences such as divorce, financial failures, career changes and emotional distress, etc.  It might seem overwhelming, but do not feel bad if you need professional help. Many times it’s vital to help you walk through your journey to freedom. 

Understanding that taking back your life is the only way to overcome addiction is a great beginning by recognizing who’s really in charge. 

I. True Freedom is realizing that we all must submit to someone or something

Problem-You know well enough from your own experience that there are some acts of so called freedom that actually destroy freedom. Offer yourself to an addictive behavior for instance and it is your last free act.  i.e. doing what I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want, regardless of the consequences.

Soul-ution-But offer yourselves to the ways of God and the freedom never quits, i.e. stability, not willing to risk all, selflessness, etc.

II. Understanding your Identity

Problem-Not knowing who we really are. Denzel Washington in the movie Training Day stated at the end that “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me”.  He thought he could overcome any obstacle based on mistaken identity.  He thought he was someone he was not.  Addictions no matter the type take our identity and misrepresent us.

Soul-ution- To help overcome identity crisis we must first be willing to get reacquainted with the “real you”.  Take time to discover  how to love yourself and others, what you like, what’s important and what’s your  purpose will always lead you back to the real you.

III. Stop Risking All

Problem-We all have many desires and dreams that can dictate our lives either to destruction or a life worth living. For example, staying with a mate that is abusive because you accept that as a form of love causes you to risk your peace of mind, health, your family and even your future. And it is never worth it. We risk everything for something because we are afraid of the unchartered waters, i.e. who’s going to pay the bills, who will take care of me, I do not want to be alone, etc.

Soul-ution-Dealing with any type of addiction we must get to a point where we can weigh the benefits against the consequences  rationally. Think things through clearly and you will start to make good decisions.

No matter the addiction freedom is waiting for you!  You can begin to take back your life when you stop risking all and walk into your true identity.  It may not be easy, it may not be quick but it is possible. 

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