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13th TransplantVersary 2021

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

You Are Not Alone!

As I celebrate 13 years of life after a successful liver transplant on May 14, 2008, I want to encourage anyone who is facing a life-threatening, controlling or difficult life changing time - You do not have to face it alone.

As I dealt with the complications, fear, anxiety and thoughts of what could be the end of my life, I was blessed to have support that held me up when I was down and believed for me when my faith was weak.

Because of God’s grace and mercy, and the positive influences in my life, I was able to face this life-giving event, an organ transplant, with hope and courage. We are so grateful to the family that donated this vital organ to change my life.

The support from my wife, family, church, and community were invaluable in my pre-transplant and recovery success.

I want to focus on the support of my wife, Carolyn A. Little, the Director of Lifestyle Solutions, Inc.

When we discuss our healing journey in our book The Turn Around A Restoration Story, the term “we” is used more than the word “I”.

Here’s an excerpt from our book where Carolyn shares her thoughts and insights on how she provided support in our health life crisis. We hope this encourages you.

During this time things seemed to move so fast that I had to trust God that all the information I received from my job regarding FMLA, the doctors and the opportunity of the transplant was the best that God was giving us at this time in my husband’s life. The support from my job, doctors, church and friends were amazing. Because of the support I received I was able to put my energy towards giving my husband the best care I could at home during and after the transplant.

No, you cannot do it alone, accept the help even in the littlest things that God will provide for you during that time. After all you will be praying to God asking Him for help so don’t turn the help away and don’t take it for granted.

We are extremely grateful to God for this 13th year of TransplantVersary. This scripture is a constant reminder that whatever we face God is with us, He was and He will always bring the support that is needed in any situation…Psalm 56:9:

“The day I called to you, my enemies will be turned back. I know this: God is on my side. (Msg)”

We share more about this amazing experience in our book The Turn Around: A Restoration Story. If you’re experiencing something life-changing, we know it will encourage you. You can purchase the book here at

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