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The True Definition Of Friends

We sometimes misunderstand friendship. Many think allowing yourself to be abused or put down is a sign of true friendship which you would think brings acceptance. Nothing is further from the truth. 

A true friend has your best interest at heart and wants the best for you not for just themselves. Friendship is about kindness, support, love and spending time together. Learning to be your own best friend first, will give insight on being a real friend to others.

Here are some tips that I used to on how I became my own best friend first

1. Be honest with yourself.

When I began to do this with myself concerning my gifts, talents as well as my faults, it gave me an opportunity to manage my life better.  It opened doors for relationships with others like minded or those that thought different which expanded my horizon and my friendship circle.

2. Encourage yourself.

Choose to live your life in a way that builds up yourself and others. Speak positive words and don’t let setbacks linger. Move on.

3. Discipline yourself.

When I made bad choices, I took the responsibility, forgave myself and made the necessary changes to ensure that I would not repeat the same mistakes again. I took responsibility for my actions.

4. Enjoy me time.

For years I did not like being alone and I would end up with people that were not true friends which caused me to get involved with things that did not build me up at all. When I found out that reading a good book, watching my favorite movie, listening to good music, and enjoying a hobby help me to see my real identity and like me for me.

Now that we have shared ways on how to be your own best friend first, you can take these examples and write your own list based on your experiences. Put them into action and watch your friendship meter rise in no time.

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