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Restoration For The Holidays

My how time files! As another Holiday Season is approaching there are five topics that can impact you from having a joyous holiday season. But we have good news too! You do not have to allow these things to ruin this special time. Here are five areas we’ve experienced and have victory over, which has helped us have some of the best holidays ever!  So let’s get started.

Addiction: The continual repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences. Addiction can be confronted and overcome especially during the holiday time.  It effects more than just the person with the problem but also everyone around them. The holidays are always a good time to overcome the addiction and get a fresh start. It’s a great time to break the chain of the cycle that continues to bring the same results like broken relationships, financial stress, health issues, abuse and many other destructive behaviors.

You may ask yourself, “How can I stop a cycle of addiction?” To solve any problem you have to know what you are up against.  You have to know who or what is in control.  Like when running out of gas you have to pay attention to your gas level. To stop a cycle of addiction you have to pay attention and break the habits that cause you to end up in the cycle again.  The habits of going the same direction, being with the same toxic friends and habit of thinking the same thing cause you to stay stuck in the cycle.

Family: Family is very important during the holiday time too. It does not have to be defined by blood only. Maybe you think you do not have a family. But look around, there might be friends who you can call family.  Life can cause people to become family through experiences. No matter the type of family, this season opens the door for mending relationships.  For instance, you can restore a friendship that has been broken. If this person means that much to you, be willing to take the steps to mend that relationship. Determine what caused the relationship to break, admit your wrong doing, forgive their wrong doing and be willing to move.

Marriage: Holiday times are a great opportunity to focus on not just overcoming challenges but setting new goals to win in your marriage.  This is a good time to get back to the basics of trusting, intimacy, gratefulness, open communication, date nights and goal setting. Here’s a question:

What do you do when your partner is not on the same page as you are with the relationship— just going through the motions?

If this is you, you must set a goal for your marriage. Be willing to go in the same direction in your marriage.  Be honest and let your partner know of your frustration and be able to look at your differences and come to an agreement that will get you both on the same page.

Divorce: It’s is not the end. During the holidays you do not have to face it alone but you do have to face it.  This is a time to surround yourself with great supporters especially if this is your first year of being divorced.  You may feel empty inside but know that you are not alone.  Healing is available and waiting for you. Life will get better. Here is a question we received from one of our readers and one that many have asked:

This is my first year of divorce and depression has overtaken me but I want my kids to still enjoy the holiday. How do I get passed this feeling?

You accept that this change in life is just a change.  Creating a time of fun with the kids can help you to get through the holiday, find out what they want to do and how they want to have fun. Engage with them. You’ll be surprised how much you will enjoy the holiday season. Know your support team and allow them to help. Do not try to do it alone.

Restoration: Holiday time brings opportunity to reconnect, refocus and recharge whatever your desires may be.  Just because one of the four areas we discussed maybe broken; your life, soul and spirit can be mended and the joy of life can be experienced. This was our question at one time:

My partner and I are trying to start again -what can we do to take advantage of the holidays?

Set new goals, enjoy each other's company and honor the 2nd chance opportunity and don’t focus on the past. We are so grateful for our 2nd chance opportunity and wish the best for you and your family!

We’ve given you clear soulutions on holiday restoration.  Take these suggestions, put in the effort to change, forgive, love and have a great Holiday Season and remember

we at Lifestyle Soulutions care about you!

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