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Liberty In Relationships

In the Month of July we celebrate out nation's deliverance from an oppressor.  We at Lifestyle Soulutions want to celebrate your freedom from enemies of your relationships; whether you are a couple, single,a young adult, and yes even as a senior citizen.

I.  Freedom In Relationships Do you feel locked up in your relationship? Do you sense an over bearing side of your mate coming out? Well we've got a pointer for you to make sure your love life is a free life, open for joy not bondage! As a team you and your mate can overcome any adversity, you just have to recognize the real enemy is not your mate!!!!!

II.  Freedom as a Single

We've all learned that there are different stages in life. Being single is one those stages. Allowing yourselves to embrace "The Single Life" will bring freedom from the pressures of identity crisis, low self esteem and most important independence! Enjoy your single life and when that special someone comes along you'll be more than ready for the next level of life.

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