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Getting Your Survival Swag Back

SWAG: Someone Who Admires God

2015 was a year of challenges for me. I had several health issues arise and at times it seemed like a losing battle. As I said, it seemed like. 

Remember it's not what it looks like!

I want to share with you how you can get your Survival Swag back for and reinvigorate your passion for success in your purpose driven life. You might have felt like you were swallowed up by challenges: marriages, finances, health, family, ministry, jobs and so on. But remember you're a survivor.

Never forget what's in you is more important than what's happening to you!

Follow these steps to get your swag back!

  • Always keep God first. God will be God no matter what's going on in your life.

  • Remember God is a provider. Storms in life are to transport us back to God, back to a place of Faith and Victory.

  • God is a protector. When it seems like all is lost God recalculates your route and gets you back to that place of prayer which causes safety. 

  • God will give you reasons to praise Him again. When things seem hopeless a glimpse of light always shines through to get you in survival mode. If you praise God before the victory you'll definitely see the victory!

  • Remember God is a God of purpose. He will resurrect you for your purpose and give you an alternate ending!

You see it's not what it looks like! It looked like I wouldn't make it. It looked like it was over! It  looked like I just couldn't win!  But God! 

You too can get your survival swag back!

Keep God first, remember His promises and praise Him all the time for what He's already done and what He most assuredly will do! 

Be blessed!

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